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Sligo Farmer Scores Big at Ploughing

News has just reached us here at SSN head office that a farmer from the great county of Sligo has managed to land a prize at this year’s National Ploughing Championships.


The event is being held in a few big fields outside Kilcormac in Co. Offaly. Last year over a quarter of a million people visited and they expect the same if not more for what’s known as ‘#Ploughing17’. The event is so big that the Garda have asked people travelling there to follow the colour coded roads instead of using GPS.


Politicians and celebrities mix with farmers, ordinary folk and livestock to create the biggest outdoor event of the year in the whole of Europe. Radio stations have outside broadcasts, RTE are there of course. There are cookery demonstrations, fashion shows, you name it and you’ll find it at #Poughing17.


SSN eventually managed to ask farmer Seamus O’Sean from North county Sligo about his win and he said “I scored big with a large girl from Kilkenny is all, I didn’t win a prize for doing anything. Was I supposed to?”


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