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Sligo Fleadh – Invasion Alert

TradMusicInstrumentsAlert! This is an official announcement warning to all citizens of Sligo – you are in danger of being invaded. Information has reached this office that you will be invaded by Hairy Beardy folk.

The Hairy Ones, a clannish yet diverse tribe whose musical outpourings of sorrow, woe and trickery will be heard up and down the streets for the next week.

The origins of the Hairy Ones has been lost in time but they endure as a traditional-counter culture paradox in our modern society.fiddle

The citizens of Sligo should watch out and avoid the Hairy Ones at all costs. This may prove difficult as you may not be able to prevent yourselves being lured into the ceaseless merry making, singing and fiddle playing. The Hairy Ones are easy to spot as unlike the leprechaun they wish to be seen and followed (often to the nearest pub). Formerly their distinctive grooming was the most assured identifier (long hair often braided or in ponytails, beards – including the womenfolk – and bushy eyebrows. But the modern day Hairy is harder to spot and may be mistaken for one of you or us for that matter.

If you are in any doubt check to see if they are carrying any of their “instruments”. These include the finagling fiddle, the terrifying tin whistle and the boombastic bodhran. Those that can use their voices as instruments may never be spotted.

If someone you know has been taken by the Hairy Ones then call our hotline on 1800 HAIRY (please note that due to cut backs beyond our control – thanks government – this hotline is only available from 9-9.30am the first Tuesday of every month (on a leap year).



Citizens of Sligo Beware. You are in danger.

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