Published on February 27th, 2017 | by sligoadmin


Sligo Fury Over Oscars Mixup

Anger erupted in down-town Sligo overnight and it’s thought to have been the result of a mix up over pet dinners.


It all started when Ruth Murphy (34) set out a bowl of “Top Shelf Premium Rabbit and Chicken Chunks in a Raspberry Jus”, for Oscar’s tea.  Oscar is her prized Siamese. Meanwhile Ann Trimble (36) spooned out a discount store brand of “Cat Fud” for her Tabbly – also called Oscar.


There was some initial confusion as the Siamese Oscar turned his nose up at the Premium food and ate – according to Ruth, “that cheap shite”. Chaos ensued when the Tabby Oscar munched away on the expensive nosh.


How this incident didn’t descend into a cat-fight of epic proportions we’ll never know. However the mix up did lead to Ruth and Ann having a heated argument and then boxing the head off of each other in a bid to defend their pussies.


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