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Sligo Grannies Fury With Grant

In an effort to help with the country’s childcare costs it has been suggested by members of the Independence alliance (those who prop up the government) that grandparents may hold the answer.


They would be given a yearly grant of €1000 in order to sweeten the deal when they help out with childcare. However they would have to commit to more than ten hours per week in order to qualify. Apparently the measure is being given “serious consideration” by members of the government ahead of budget negotiations.


But furious grandmothers in Sligo have another take on the issue. “It’s another form of Mickey money”, said Maureen O’Hara to our reporter. “If he (that dirty lazy little shit of a son in law) can’t keep it in his pocket that’s his problem. And as for her – she can’t keep them closed apparently”. Maureen’s friend and walking partner Josie agreed, “I’m not f(*king rearing them. The two of them can f^&K right off if they think I’m getting involved. And the government should be ashamed of themselves for such a suggestion.”


The widely held view on the streets of Sligo is that parents should consider the consequences of their action before indulging in a bit of “nooky” without adequate protection.


A lone voice in favour was grandfather Thomas Connolly who said the money could come in handy for a holiday or a deposit on a car or something. “Don’t mind him. He never had anything to do with rearing the first lot,” his wife Mary stated. “You can’t depend on that tosspot. He does nothing but drinking and fishing. Bloody Bastard.”

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