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Sligo Lad’s Big Day

This is a day that’s like no other for Sligo’s own Johnnie ‘Chickenshit’ O’Reilly.


He’s been preparing for this day every since St. Patrick’s day last year, and the year before that to be honest.  The preparations have been pitch perfect, the mood has been intense but the big day is finally here. It’s Johnnie’s day.


Feck the Americans with their marching bands and cheerleaders with their long legs and perfect teeth and ahem, big ‘shoulders’. Feck the Brits with their annoying – “Bejabers and begorrah – I’m Irish you know on my grandad’s neighbours side”. And their fecking Brexit – they can get the feck out of Europe so they can. And feck everyone with their fake ‘Oirish’ accents.


Johnnie has stocked up on shamrocks, a green jumper, green trackies and trainers, an oversized top hat, flags, keyrings, slabs of Heineken and a big bag of weed (also known as Shit) for the parade. He’s planning on drinking 25 pints of the black stuff today and he’s learned the words to ‘Danny Boy’ to sing in the pub later.

Good on ya Johnnie boy you’re sure to make every SligoSligoNews visitor’s bosom swell with pride.

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