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Sligo Link To Mars Exploration

The world has been  looking on in wonder as NASA explores the red planet sending back pictures of the surface to earth.

A local Sligo family contacted us to point out the bizarre coincidences that link them and Sligo to the mission. This has got us very excited and it should send a buzz to everyone in the area. Apparently the family’s first dog was named “Mars” after the popular chocolate and caramel bar. He was a sweet little dog but a little aggressive and one day bit the postman. He went to visit relatives on nana and grandad’s farm in Tubbercurry and was never seen again.

The next pet, a husky called Rover, used to wander off all the time but he wasn’t named because of this – his name was a tribute to the famous football team – Sligo Rovers – The Bit O’Red. One day he didn’t come home and it was said he went to the farm in Tubbercurry.

Next  up was a cute little Yorkshire. He was full of beans and whenever people called he would start to hump their leg. He’d be knocked off and shooed away but would mount a leg again and again and again and again. For this reason he was called “Try-er”. One day he tried to shag the leg of the local priest and soon after he also went to visit Tubbercurry. The head of the household remembered that dog had great “perseverance in trying to hump legs”.

So there you have it in a nutshell – Sligo’s links to what may become the first steps to colonising another planet. Hurray for Sligo and the dogs Mars, Rover and Try-er (who had a lot of perseverance).


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