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Sligo Man Claims Green Pen is for St. Pat’s Day

A Sligo man (34) earlier arrested in a local park was released without charge this evening.


The man who cannot be named was believed to have been drunk at the time of his arrest. He was observed by Garda Cathy O’Shea as he swore, sang and shouted at people who were trying to enjoy some peace and quiet.


Garda O’Shea said she witnessed the man, who had removed his trousers for reasons unknown,  as he proceeded to wave what she described as ‘quite a small object’ at members of the public. The Garda said she got a good look and observed this activity for twenty minutes. She took several photos on her smart phone and shared them online with friends and colleagues.


The man’s solicitor later explained, to the ultimate satisfaction of senior Gardai at the station, that said object was in fact a large green pen. The legal eagle told waiting reporters  ‘my client’s pen is simply on display only for the day. It was merely an innocent way to join in the celebration. He understands how it could have caused offence and this was not his intention. His pen is to be left at home in future.’



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