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Sligo Man Sues Hotel Over Snide Remark

A case taken to the High Court involving a wedding guest and a popular hotel has been settled out of court.


50 year old Manus Oldfella took an action against the Sligo Hilton after one of its staff made a cutting remark about his choice of attire. The alleged incident took place after the meal but about three songs into the DJ set.


“I believe the birdie song had just been played and yer man was about to queue up some Beyonce,” Manus told SSN. “The night was really starting to liven up. I asked one of the bar staff how things were looking for a pint of Guinness and he quipped – it’s looking shite in that get up.”


Manus didn’t know where to look, and at first he thought he had mis-heard so when he asked again, the barman stated “how can you wear a blue and red striped tie over a purple shirt and dark argyle socks with a light grey and yellow polka dotted suit, you look ridiculous.”


Describing how he was deeply embarrassed he turned bright red in the face and shied away. “There were some fine looking women I was just planning to make a move on after my fifth pint,” continued the dejected wedding guest “but when they heard the encounter they giggled away to themselves.” Manus deemed that his chances were well and truly shot and the barman had spoiled his evening. He retired to his room with four bottles of Bud and a box of tissues.

The hotel accepted responsibility and the barman has since moved on. The amount of money involved in the settlement was not disclosed but is believed to have been substantial.

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