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Sligo Mans Finds Hidden Room

Earlier this year a New York woman discovered a hidden room – indeed an entire apartment – behind a bathroom mirror. She’d been trying to find the source of an annoying draught when she made the fascinating discovery.

In Sligo last weekend local Maugheraboy man, Sean (last name withheld) called SligoSligoNews to report a similar discovery. “I was foostering about and found a room that wasn’t there before,” Sean told us. The discovery has prompted calls from local house builders that homeowners should make a thorough check of their properties while simultaneously consulting the original drawings.

“It wasn’t a big room by all accounts measuring just four metres by two,” said Sean, “It was painted completely white and there were a few strange machines I had never seen before”.

At the end of the phone call we heard a woman (presumably Sean’s wife) shouting and screaming “that’s the f*&king utility room you lazy prick”. Sligo University Hospital reported last night, a man admitted with a head injury, the result of a frying pan incident, was in a stable condition. The man is reportedly insisting Gardai carry out an investigation – of the entire room.

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