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Sligo Misses Out on Big Phil Tour

We’ve been snubbed by Trump and the Pope and now Big Phil.

Hang Sandwich

Yet again the beautiful attractions of Sligo didn’t prove alluring enough for what would have been a “distinguished” visitor. The people of Sligo are incensed the EU Commissioner for Trade didn’t call in, even for a cup of tae and a hang sandwich, on his recent Irish tour.

SligoSligoNews took to the streets to gauge the level of public opinion on the matter.

Matt from Cleveragh – “He’s spent a lot of time golfing but we have some great courses in Rosses Point, Strandhill, Ballymote, Enniscrone and Tubbercurry.”

Fergus from Cartron “We should feel slighted that he didn’t breach the health guidelines in our lovely county – why do “celebrities” treat us like this?”

John from Finisklin “We are entitled to our time in the sun,  to bask in the glare of the media spotlight. He’s been all over the country why would he not come here? We could do with the free publicity and the chance to show off what we have”.

Mary from Rathbraughan “We’re always missing out on things. Why pass us by? Sure he even visited Roscommon but not uz for fucks sake. What’s that all about?”.

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