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Sligo Mother Appalled

Kay Smith contacted SligoSligoNews this week to ensure other mothers don’t have to suffer the same shame and outrage or endure the pain she’s had to bear. Kay Smith is a mother, a Sligo mother.

It was a normal Sunday. Dinner over, husband on the cheap beer bottles since noon, the twins on the Playstation, her three daughters catching up on social media.  And her darling teenage son Mark watching a movie on his computer with visiting friends Sean and Danny.

It was only when she entered the living room and offered to make sandwiches for the lads that her eyes were opened. “I was shocked and stunned at the filth they were watching on the laptop,” she said “I had no idea whatsoever, I was appalled”.

“I thought they were viewing a thrilling comedy. Lots of action and funny bits but a sad part where the bad guy realises he’s done something wrong and in the end everyone learns a lesson to take away with them.”

Sadly this was not the case and Mrs. Smith has now banned her son’s internet access. We asked (purely for research reasons) the name of the film – it was ‘Play with my Lovepump 2’. A telling lesson for everyone.

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