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Sligo Politicians Broad Welcome For National Plan

News this week that the government has finally signed the contact for the National Plan was mostly welcomed by Sligo politicians. The occasion gave them the opportunity to push the party line and to try out their best puns for the media.


Comments from Fine Gael ranged from  “We’ve all bean there”, “it’s bean and done” and “the die has bean cast, we have to get on with it.”

The Fianna Fail spokesperson was more thoughtful –  “We’ve all bean thinking about this, it’s not a matter of bean there, seen that, done that.” 

Labour went on to call the minister of communications a “has-bean” before stating that the expenditure on the plan is  “beanough to make you sick.”

Sinn Fein ridiculed the cost of the plan – “It’s hardly from the bargain beans” and “please throw this rubbish in the bean.”

“Bean me up Scotty,” shouted a candidate from the local joke political party for no reason whatsoever.


A row ensured outside the council chambers as those who ridiculed the National Plan were told to “mind their peas and queues”. A spokesperson for the ruling party stated that implementation of the plan would be “a peas of cake but when everyone was connected it would eventually lead to inner peas and hopefully world peas.”

SligoSligoNews didn’t have the heart to tell them it was BroadBAND not BroadBEAN.

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