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Sligo Reacts to Hosepipe Ban

If you use a hose to water your garden, wash the car or fill a paddling pool you could be subject to a fine of €125 and a severe telling off from Irish Water.

People who witness their neighbours engaging in what has been described as “excessive” water usage are encouraged to call the hotline on – 1850 278 278. Hundreds of extra staff have been drafted in to cope with the expected level of calls.

Would you report a neighbour if you saw them flouting the ban? SSN decided to ask the good people of Sligo what they would do.

John (50) from Ballytivnan said, “Ah no, now you couldn’t be doing that sort of thing. I wouldn’t do it.”

Mary Morris (49) said she would report a few even if they weren’t guilty of breaking the ban. “Because a lot of them around here are right pricks.”

Mavis Beacon (45) said she caught her next door neighbour wasting precious water only last night. “There he was standing in the back garden, and a sound like gushing water as he held something in his hand. And only now when I think about it, sure he was pissing on his precious roses the dirty bastard,” she said.


SligoSligoNews quick guide to conserving water.

  • Use watering cans to give the plants a drink.
  • Place a basin in your sink and save every last drop of water when washing fruit and vegetables and washing up.
  • If you take a bath don’t pull the plug when finished, simply scoop the bath water up into buckets and basins and add to your watering cans – Plants don’t mind if the water is soapy or dirty.
  • Don’t leave the tap running when brushing your teeth.
  • Take showers together – only for married or committed couples.
  • Adopt the mantra – “if it’s clear or yellow, just be mellow. but if it’s brown, flush it down”. We are still trying to work that one out.
  • Wipe sweat off your forehead with a flannel and wring it out into the kettle in order to make yourself a cup of tea.

Handy hints indeed!

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