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Sligo Rose “Devastated”


“It was going to be my f*vKing year,” said Stacy O’Reilly-McDonagh-Leary. The triple barrelled Sligo Rose was “spitting blood” over the decision to cancel this year’s competition according to friends and acquaintances. A medium had told the Sligo hopeful she would win the prestigious beauty competition in 2020 and charged her €250 for the prediction.


In an interview with SligoSligoNews she sincerely, quietly and nervously voiced her profound disappointment  – “It’s a f*cking joke. Ba&tard Co-vid virus f*&kers. Everyone said – it’s going to be your year Stace (that’s what people call me for short)”.


Stace suggested the organisers had conspired with the Covids against her. “It has nothing to do with a killer virus,” she said “they found out that I have three kids fathered by four different fellas, that I smoke, drink and I’ve been known to take drugs. Spoilsport f*%Kers”.


SligoSligoNews has since managed to contact the medium who no longer describes himself as such, “I’m a large now as I’ve piled on the weight since the lockdown started”.


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