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Sligo Rose Joint Second Favourite

Some of the smart betting money has been waged today on the Sligo Rose becomming the next Rose of Tralee. This is an internationally famous annual competition set in Co. Kerry to pick the loveliest girl (rose) from a bunch of other girls (roses).


However the Sligo rose faces stiff competition in the face of some of the other beauties. In a rare display of journalistic excellence SligoSligoNews has taken the time to suss out the chances of success for the Sligo Rose. We’ve compared her talents with others that will be on show.


Sligo Rose – Talent – completing the two times tables in her head. Not actually calling out the answers just thinking of them and nodding wisely.

Tallaght Rose – Talent – showing off her fanny.

Magaluf Rose – Talent – getting pissed and shagging.

North Korean Rose – Talent – dictation.

Iranian Rose – Talent – farting silently in bed (this was confirmed earlier by her escort a horny Cavan man).

So you can clearly see we are in with a great chance this year – worth putting a few bob on her for sure.

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