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Sligo Sinn Fein Councillor to Release Alternative Budgie

“We will have an alternative to ponder,” claims a local Sinn Fein politician. “Before the minister of finance stands up in the Dáil and announces details of the 2019 budget I will produce something I’ve been working on but keeping to myself.”


SSN sought a reaction from the others members of the council who were stunned by the astonishing news emanating from the chambers. When the SF member said he was releasing his alternative budgie the place erupted and chaotic scenes ensued.

So far only sketchy details have emerged from the meeting but it is understood that the budgie sporting a Mohawk haircut (or hair loss – depending on your position) was actually released from his cage earlier this morning.


The Councillor stated that every item to support the budgie had been costed and that he had the support of some colleagues in the Sinn Fein party. “Two of them are definitely behind me,” he stated. “No we’re not,” the other members of the party said. “Yes you are,” the Councillor continued. ” No we’re not,” they insisted. The debate is set to last some time.

Reacting to sniggers the red faced politician continued with his announcement and appealed for calm. Next week the Councillor has promised that he will announce his own Fiance bill.

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