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Sligo “Super Spreader”

A local county Sligo woman in her twenties has been identified as a “Super Spreader”. The woman wishes to remain anonymous but we can identify her as Rosie Loosey-Goosey from Grange. It was confirmed by some no-good do-gooders that she is the one responsible for spreading a lot of stuff.

Local politicians have suggested she receive an award for her “wonderful and stupendous” achievements. A local documentary maker wants to base his next film on her life and will focus on her work and love life. An ex-friend stated – “that bitch was always a spreader and always will be”. 

It can be confirmed by SligoSligoNews that Rosie is not a woman with loose morals and nor is she a spreader of the Covid SARS virus which is ravaging the country. Rosie, from a farm near Grange, is in fact one of the country’s finest slurry spreaders. She will be flying the flag high and spreading shit for Sligo at the height of summer. SligoSligoNews salutes Rosie.

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