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Sligo Work At Home Survey

Covid has led to dramatic changes in the way the world works. Academics from somewhere or other have studied the situation and carried out the world’s first extensive survey of Sligo people who are currently working at home. SligoSligoNews are pleased to bring the somewhat surprising results to you, our dear readers. The sample set was exactly 100 people who have been able to continue their employment for the past six months in these trying times.

Of those surveyed:

  • 100% love working from home and don’t want to go back to the traditional office environment.
  • 85% stated the commute to work had dramatically decreased.
  • 10% said the commute was about the same while 5% said it had actually increased. Out of that 5% only 1% (1 person) admitted that they were “as lazy as f*&k” and the journey from bed to kitchen to the home office “took ages”. They cited Sligo County Council and the ongoing road works as a factor.
  • 62% didn’t have a shower every day with the most popular response being – “it doesn’t matter anymore”.
  • A whopping 76% didn’t dress, and a sizeable proportion, 24% worked in the nip.
  • Of those who didn’t dress for work some stated it was a pleasure to be able to scratch their “fiddly bits” in complete comfort “away from prying eyes”.

These are only the highlights of the survey and a detailed report will be submitted to the government. We hope you enjoy the findings and have fun imagining your colleagues sitting naked at a computer working away scratching themselves.

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