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Sligo’s Facebook Hell

The people of Sligo reacted strongly to the outage of social media and messaging platforms yesterday.

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp all went wrong. They were not available to the people who use them most – the ordinary decent people. The scars run deep and they will not be forgotten. Future generations will ask grandparents and great grandparents – “What did you do in the great Facebook outage of 2021?” A hard question to answer.

Reports show how people bravely coped with no access to posts, messages or instas – whatever.  Gangs instead of online groups roamed the streets. They showed pictures on phones of things for sale (most of these items didn’t actually exist). Women cooked meals, took pictures and ran around to their neighbours – taking care to avoid certain “friends” they’d blanked in the past. Food went uneaten and the number of “likes” was low. The spread of  rumours and bollix information was curtailed.

SligoSligoNews can report one person’s summation – “it was hell, sheer hell”. We set  up a hotline but without Facebook to get the message out there we were wasting our time.

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