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SligoSligoNews Says – Why We Vote & Why We Should Go Green

To vote or not to vote that was the question.

It’s said we live in a democracy. That we get the politicians we deserve. We vote for these clowns and they treat the job like a circus and us like fools.

If you cast a vote at least you have some kind of a voice. Spoil your vote if you think that’s what you should do. It doesn’t matter who you voted for but you should.  As a citizen it means you can go to a politician after an election and say to “What the f(*k do you think you’re doing? I voted for you”. You can put them on notice that you won’t vote for them the next time. You have the right to complain.

If you don’t vote at all then shut up and just accept everything that happens. Some gobshites will tell you “people died so you could vote”. No they didn’t. People died so you could have freedom. Currently our system maintain the status quo where the elites and rich and privileged get everything and the poor and disenfranchised get very little – that’s not democracy. If you can see that you should change it –  by getting involved. If you do nothing then expect nothing.

Apart from voting another major source of individual power is how you spend your money. What products you buy. If you want the world to be greener then spend your money in a thoughtful greener way. Reduce, reuse and recycle as they say. Don’t buy products that are excessively wrapped in plastic. Don’t buy goods that come in material that can’t be recycled. Write to the company – tell them you love their product but you won’t purchase it ever again unless it comes in packaging that can be recycled or composted.

Go Green.


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