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Social Distanced Xmas Dinner

The NPET spoilsports have issued detailed guidelines for Irish households on how to handle the Christmas dinner this year while remaining socially distanced.

  • Cooking – One person (and strictly only one) allowed in the kitchen.
  • Serving – Food to be flung onto paper plates from a distance. Gravy to be delivered by hose. There should be no dessert this year.
  • Eating – One person to eat in the kitchen (mammy), one in the utility room (auntie), one in each bedroom (kids), one in the living room with the big telly (daddy), one in the small room (granny/grandad), one in the garage (uncle), one in the garden (neighbour), one in the car (ex-husband/wife), one in the bathroom (unwelcome guest).
  • Drinking – Bring your own.
  • Masks – To be worn at all times – even by pets.
  • Clothing – Everyone to wear wooly jumpers, wooly hats, coats, gloves and extra socks as windows and doors MUST be left open for ventilation.
  • Present Exchange – Gifts to be thrown* from a distance of  – at least – two metres.

*throws should only be underarm – no overarm or bowling type pitching is permitted.


At SligoSligoNews we gauged the  reaction from two Sligo locals. 

Sean – “Didn’t I tell ya about the cooking mammy? It’s all up to you now. Sure daddy can’t even cook a chicken without breaking out into hives”.

Mary – “So, no different from last year then, after the rows”.

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