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Space Hotel

How would you feel about spending a holiday in a place that’s literally, out of this world? You may get the opportunity in your lifetime with the world’s first space hotel due to open by 2030.

The Gateway Foundation have released plans for a cruise ship hotel – Voyager Station – to float above the Earth’s atmosphere.  How people will get to the hotel hasn’t been decided or agreed as yet but it’s thought that a visit will be a cool $250000 pps.

All rooms designed to be “space-ous” will overlook the Earth. You can expect the views to be amazing. There will be gourmet bars and restaurants. Your cocktails and pints of Guinness will be served by a robot. The restaurant will serve “space food” like freeze dried ice cream, vegetable soup, nuts, peanut butter and brownies in sachets. To simulate gravity – so you won’t spill your pint – the hotel must spin constantly.

The company behind the venture will need staff with experience in aeronautics and the hospitality industry. The Irish Hotel Federation in combination with our Education Training Boards are designing courses for workers to staff the hotel. They will soon be advertising for “space cadets”. 

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