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Published on August 30th, 2015 | by sligoadmin


Spiders As Big As Mice to Invade Sligo Homes

mouse-spiderExperts say that our homes are due to be invaded by huge spiders. It’s believed that in a bid to flee the wet weather (also known as our summer) the creatures are looking for somewhere warm and dry to mate. In a nutshell they are simply horny and are looking for somewhere dry where they can get it on.

The giant house spiders can grow up to 12cm in length. A female spider can lay hundreds of eggs in one go. If confronted by a spider experts warn that you should back away slowly. Never try to corner a spider – they can and will bite.

Ms Muffet, a typical Sligo resident, from Cranmore Gardens, has good reason to be fearful of spiders. Last Friday as she consumed her usual breakfast of curds and whey one of these huge ‘mice’ spiders emerged from the shadows and brazenly sat down beside her. She was so frightened she upped and ran away.

People have been have advised to be merciful towards arachnids. It is believed we shouldn’t kill spiders because of all the good they do.  They eradicate lots of other nasty insects saving hundreds of euro each year on killer bug spray.

There are said to be 1000 species of spiders found in Ireland.

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