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St. Patrick’s Day Preparations Continue

As the big day approaches for Irish people of every hue and colour (but mostly green) meticulous plans are being put in place to celebrate our national day.


A palpable sense of pride has erupted all over Sligo at the tremendous effort being put in place for what some (the Americans don’t ya know) are calling “Patty’s Day”.


Young men from every estate are participating in the painstaking preparations. Mary Mullins (40) said “Isn’t it a lovely sight to see these lads, dressed only in trackies and hoodies, traipse back and forth from the offie to houses and sheds on the estate.” Indeed it’s a sight all too familiar to residents at this time of year and for some, it signals the real start of Spring.


We caught up with Jodie (16) who bravely struggled to carry home four slabs of cans, with two bottles of vodka and a carton of cigarettes tucked inside his top. He stopped every twenty metres for a rest. The two mile walk would be more than enough for a man twice his age but with single minded dedication and determination the youth was able to soldier on.


This reporter asked Jodie would he be watching the parade this year? “Parade me bollix”, he proudly shot back “I’ll be fucked up by ten in the morning.”

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