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Storm as Government Holds Erection

ballot-box It’s been coming for a long time now. Most of the country has been waiting with baited breath for it to finally arrive.  And it’s supposed to last three weeks.

Short, Stiff and Hard

A spokesman for the government parties has stated that he expects it to be short (time wise), stiff and hard (tough going for established and new campaigners).

Some sceptics have sown the seeds of doubt that it all can be maintained and that promises made may not be kept.

It’s expected that when it has all subsided that some politicians may end up in bed with some other politicians that they weren’t supposed to end up in bed with – take it easy on the drink there now.

The storm is the latest in the long list of such storms and is called Imogen. It has been noted that since the powers that be decided to give storms names that their frequency and intensity has increased.wind-04

There is expected to be a lot of hot air and wind around until the 26th February.

[Apology from Sligo Sligo News : Apparently there has been a spelling mistake discovered in the latest headline of this influential publication. The headline should of course be “Election”.

Sligo Sligo News wishes to apologise to its readers and makes a promise that such mistakes will not happen again in the future – onilne Editors]

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