Published on November 2nd, 2017 | by sligoadmin


Study Finds – Housework Good For Health

At last, after all the bad news we’ve had to endure lately, along comes a good news story – especially for the ladies.


In what has been one of the most comprehensive studies ever undertaken into the subject it has been proven that household chores are actually good for you. Hundreds of thousands of people from oh! loads of countries were tested after doing the vacuuming, washing up or even the ironing.


If you can keep yourself active by doing housework 30 minutes every day it can reduce your risk of mortality by 30%. But even better girls if you do more, say about 90 minutes a day, the risk of mortality reduces even further.


These results were done out by some clever blokes in a university and published in a journal so they can’t be disputed by anyone. Proof if ever it were needed.


So ladies when your man lies on the couch of an evening to have a snooze, he’s not being selfish, he’s showing he really cares. By letting you get on with mopping hallways, washing curtains by hand, making the beds, polishing and dusting (and lets not forget behind the radiators this time), what he’s really saying is, he wants you to live longer. Bless his caring little heart.



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