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Summer Weather Warning

Met Eireann has issued a severe weather warning for the entire country.

They haven’t decided on the colour as yet but someone suggested mauve – whatever that is? The warning which comes into effect from today is supposed to last until the third week in September.

A spokesperson for the depressing news of news on depressions said that it would be “mixed”. And “we might get the odd good day” – meaning overcast and partly dry. And finally “there is a good possibility that it will not snow”.

This is the kind of news that pisses everyone off and is sure to put a frown on every face.

SligoSligoNews has a list of those who may be affected

  •     Kids – staying inside with parents.
  •     Parents – dealing with kids.
  •     Tourists – both domestic and foreign.
  •     Farmers – they’d be pissed off even if the weather was good – remember last year.
  •     School teachers – three months off – will definitely have to go abroad now.
  •     Muggers – generally don’t like to be out in bad weather.
  •     Festival goers – won’t know what to wear.
  •     Fishermen – if it’s windy.

SligoSligoNews would caution it’s readers not to listen to those who say “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. We say bollix to this. And apparently mauve is a kind of purple.


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