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Super Blood Wolf Moon

By Nina Varnier Science Correspondent

The earth is due to experience what is known in astronomy circles as a Super Blood Wolf Moon.  It’s not what Kenny in the office did last Saturday night with his so called ‘super arse’ dangling from the window of his flat when the Gardai were on patrol.

To understand the concept we need to break it down into bite sized chunks.

Firstly a ‘wolf moon’ is traditionally the first full moon of the year. Why it’s wolf, nobody knows, or nobody is saying except that it could be something to do with howling wolves (not blues music).

Secondly a ‘super moon’ happens when there’s a full moon at the same time the moon is closest to the earth and it appears much bigger than usual (this does apply to Kenny).

Thirdly a ‘blood moon’ is part of a lunar eclipse. As the Earth’s shadow comes between the Sun and the full moon, the moon’s colour changes to a reddish tint – the result of sunlight scattered and refracted around Earth. Kenny’s arse was a bit bloody when he got that enormous tattoo of his ex.

So the SBWM on Sunday 20 January is when all the above occur at the same time. The total lunar eclipse will only be visible in the US and will last for about an hour. A SBWM is very rare and there will only be 28 this century.

As usual the quacks are out predicting all sorts of earth shattering events. One preacher claims it will spark a war in the middle east. Others say it will be the beginning of the start of the end of the world. It may bring forth werewolves and vampires and other shite characters from the ‘Twilight’ series of movies. Be warned.

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