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Tar – My Favourite Brand

A recent scientific study by scientists has shown recently that a person who smokes an average of 20 cigarettes a day could be ingesting the equivalent of a cup of tar through smoke every year. The study says this is very harmful.

F*&k Off

But native Jimmy McGovern (55) has hit out at the claims calling them “a pile of horse …. nonsense”. Jimmy, who ingests a cup of tar every other week says it hasn’t affected his health. “How about that HSE, you can f*&k off with your campaigns now,” said the defiant Sligo man.


A HSE spokesman claimed that these actions are extremely dangerous and that tar derived from tobacco smoke is sticky, stains teeth, fingers and nails and is a horrible brown colour. The tar contains substances that are know to be carcinogenic. “One in two smokers will die of a tobacco related disease,” he continued.


But the bold Jimmy had the last word for the health obsessed bureaucrat – “I haven’t smoked a day in my life, I just like drinking tar – so I’m ok Jack”.


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