Published on June 27th, 2019 | by sligoadmin


Teenage Horniness Down To Mobile Phone

We’re not talking about the horns young men get all the time from looking at anything that causes thoughts of sex. We’re talking about actual horns made from bone. Horns that have a proper scientific name – enthesophytes.


How about that for a game of cowboys? As first reported by the BBC, top boffins at a top university have reported that younger people were developing them due to the amount of time spent looking down at smartphones.


The human skeleton is remarkable in the fact that it will adapt in shape to external pressures. And a head bent over from constantly looking down at a screen is just such a pressure. Small bone spurs have been observed sticking out of skulls due to bad posture.


This story immediately blew up online and sparked widespread panic. Other effects include – reduced concentration span, less visual or spatial awareness (especially when crossing roads) and general stupidity.

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