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The Floods

sligo flooded 2

What Sligo could look like if flooded

By John Rivers

The people of Sligo are up in arms at the state of the flooding crisis that has hit the country. Following the coverage constantly shown on the news and various current affairs programs furious residents have vented their dismay, anger and disgust.

We spoke to some who expressed their feelings on the subject. “Why do they get all the attention?” asked John from Cranmore. When pressed on who “they” were John specified “those people in Athlone and further down the Shannon.”

We know that every second TV and Radio program has dedicated sections with film footage showing roads and farms under water and we see politicians wading through the deluge wearing newly purchased welleys. They express their concern and shake their heads with sad looks on their faces. But it’s all a little too late.

sligo inside flooding

Chantelle pointed out possible damage

Chantelle a single mother of 4 showed us around her rented house near the Garravogue river which she assured us was is in immediate danger. “It’s all very well for them – Where’s our floods? Where’s our compensation? Where’s our TV coverage?”

She pointed out the dangers the rising water could do to her home.

“The river could get in here and ruin the place, “ said  Chantelle. “The carpets and furniture could be destroyed. The wooden floors would come up.”

She has surrounded her house with sand bags and has a generator and pump ready in preparation for the impending disaster. Chantelle continued “They keep talking about peak floods and peak oil and what not. It just keeps raining and I want to know what the government is going to do about that for a start?”

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