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The Forgotten

This is the story of a brave Irish soldier. A soldier who’ll be forgotten about in due course. This is the story of his untold bravery in the face of overwhelming odds.


In fact he’s not a soldier at all. Neither is he brave. Not in the tradition sense. However his friends have told him that he is and they’ve also bestowed upon him the moniker of ‘Legend’.


The overwhelming odds are the short odds of bookies favourites.  And he’s a legend for buying everyone (unasked) a packet of crisps along with his round at the bar.


This is the story of an Irishman in NAM – Cheltenham. As the country loses its shirt (and its collective shit) over a few ponies running around a field. The real punters are the ones over beyant in t-ingland. They are the ones who’ll wager every last penny on an Irish horse in a race.  They are the ones who’ve borrowed heavily and spent the holiday money, the children’s allowance, the college fund and anything they can lay their hands on to gamble.

But it’s not just one man, there are thousands of these brave souls in a foreign field – and at SligoSligoNews, we salute you.

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