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They’re Deer There, Oh! Dear

Dear me, it seems the county of Kerry is being overrun by these beautiful four legged creatures and locals are up in arms about it all. Apparently deer are wandering around everywhere. They’re – the deer – are out of control and a danger to motorists. They have no regard for their own safety said a number of witnesses.


Local people, especially motorists and politicians are calling for a new cull of these woodland animals. Already over 120 deer have been culled in Killarney national park. Suggestions have been made to sell hunting licences in a bid to solve the problem and exploit another tourist “attraction”. It’s believed this measure would attract a lot of Americans. However we know they like to use high powered semi-automatic weapons and there is a shortage of such guns in the country.


Alternative proposals include neutering deer – or providing some kind of  contraception but that was deemed to be to dear for use on deerThis article just seems to be a series of puns or overuse of the word deer. And we haven’t even mentioned Bambi – until now.

Lastly – what do you call a deer who’s lost his sight – I don’t know I’ve no i-deer.

Dear, deer, there, their, they’re.

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