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Trump for Sligo – Official


An official has been reported as saying that the defeated US President  may relocate to Sligo. Before the election The Donald said if he lost he would leave the country. Trump’s loss could be Sligo’s gain. SSN followed this up by asking the official if Donald Trump would consider Sligo. Our reporter was told to “get lost, you British ***hole”.


We took this as a classic denial of facts – something the president is famous for – and using reverse psychology we can confirm that Donal Trump will move to Sligo sometime in the new year. The date hasn’t been confirmed yet but it’s understood to be the first week in February. We’re sure he’ll be given a great welcome by the good people of Sligo. 


Speculation is already mounting as to what part of Sligo could accommodate the great man and his lovely wife Melanie. Some have suggested Crozon, Cartron or indeed Cleveragh. A local building contractor said he could build a wall around any house the Trumps rent in order to keep any Mexicans out. Local Fianna Fail members are already wondering if he’d be interested in joining the party and running in the next county council election.


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