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Trump Will Nuke Aran

The US President Donald Trump has issued a stern warning to the leaders of Aran to desist or there will be consequences.


In a rambling speech that lasted twenty five minutes at a campaign rally in Wisconsin the President said that the “mad Mullaghs of Aran better watch their step or they’ll regret their actions”.


In a tweet tweeted at 3:30 am when el Presidente was on his throne (his toilet) he wrote – “Those Mad Mullals in Aran better watch their ass… I will rain hell down on their heads…. and there will be destruction the like the world has never seen before…. believe me I can do this”.


Again in a speech this morning outside the white house and near a waiting helicopter – he issued another stark warning that he would send troops and use nuclear weapons. The US Secretary of Defence has confirmed that 1000s of special forces were on the way to Aran – to sort them out for good.

A spokesperson for Aran tourism has suggested the president has mixed the island up with someplace else. He also stated that as well as asses there were a few ponies on the island.

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