Published on December 29th, 2016 | by sligoadmin


Unbelievable – 2016 To Last One Second Longer

Reports have reached the head office of SligoSligoNews that this year (2016) is going to last a little bit longer as the powers that be have added on a second to the year.


It’s been a horrible twelve months – we lost so many celebrities, there were some appalling instances of human rights violations, we didn’t have a great summer, we didn’t even get a government until a third of the way into the year and when we did get a government they’ve really done nothing. Why would anyone want this year to continue for longer than necessary.


Scientists, that’s who. And why you may ask? Well it’s so they can keep their damned atomic clocks synchronised. They’ve blamed the influence of the moon and tides on the earth slowing down. So they’ve introduced a “leap second” to counter for the difference.


So thanks to these “boffins” we get to spend another second in bed or from another perspective we have to endure 2016 for a bit longer.

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