Published on February 1st, 2017 | by sligoadmin


Upset And Consternation – Travellers React To Trump

Sligo traveller groups have reacted with anger and venom over Donald J Trump’s executive order. The order has banned people from certain Muslim-majority countries from visiting the United States. Headlines around the world reported that countless travellers were being affected by the ban enacted by the president .


“It’s discrimination pure and simple, it’s just not right,” said a spokesman yesterday. “Why should the POTUS* be involved in discrimination again travellers – it’s simply not right.”


The spokesman asked why they should be singled out for this action and how long this unjust discrimination would continue. He called on the government, and Enda in particular, to do something about the situation.


It’s believed that an open invitation has been extended to president Trump to visit Traveller sites throughout the region where they can air their grievances and seek assurances that they would not be affected by the ban.

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