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Valentine’s Disasters

The night sadly ended in a disaster for quite a number of Sligo couples.

Over the last few days we’ve received calls and emails as boyfriends and girlfriends (most of them now ex) recount horror tales of their experiences on what was supposed to be the most romantic night of the year.

Loved up couples had been expecting a day of flowers, chocolates, expensive candlelit dinners and the possibility of a good time between the sheets. However what most ended up with was far from their romantic imaginations.

Rosie from Rathbraughan – he brought me home a batter burger and an extra large chips and collapsed on the couch stinking of beer. He woke up after 12 in a drunken stupor and wanted sex.

Claire from Carraroe – he gave me the most miserable looking bunch of flowers I’ve ever seen. I think he robbed them from the garage and only got away with a few stems.

Catherine for Cartron – he got me a large pepperoni with extra mushroom and cheese but no garlic bread – tight fucker.

Marian from Magheraboy – the wine was lovely, the meal was delicious, the flowers were beautiful, the ring looked expensive, the car was a 191 reg but it just wasn’t enough so I finished it.

Paul from Peace Park – he produced a pathetic card that said something like “Yeah! You’ll Do!” He thought it was funny, I didn’t. Then he took some drugs and he’s still asleep.

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