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We Must End May 4th Bullshit

SligoSligoNews wants to take a strong stance on this issue once and for all. We regret that it’s something of a recurring issue in our office, and offices worldwide, that causes upset, bewilderment and embarrassment.


It’s the day that’s in it they invariably say and it’s coming around again. Year after year “King” Kumar from IT and “Stupid” Kevin from Accounts come to work dressed as characters from the StarWars movie. Last year Kumar was a Stormtrooper and Kevin was – One of them ken obi’s -whatever that is?


The most annoying thing about it is the amount of times they will say “May the fourth be with you” and sit there with a big cheesy grin expecting a response.  They think it’s witty, well lads it’s not, it’s pathetic.


I’ve seen grown assed men (and it’s nearly always men) getting misty eyed taking about the movie – will ye get over yourselves and cop on ffs. They always have that same goofy expression plastered over their faces.


We don’t care if we draw the ire of the multitudes of fans out there but this must be said – IT’S A KIDDIE’S MOVIE – it always was. I mean there’s a “Wookie” in it. WTF is a Wookie? A man in a sort of a bear outfit who makes noises like some kind of fricking bear.

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