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We Survived It!!!

People of Sligo we at SligoSligoNews salute you. We salute your fortitude, your patience, your willingness to tough it out, to batten down the hatches and to brave the hardships the country has had to endure this week.

But mostly we salute your survival instinct to get over the big freeze and storm Emma.

It can’t have been very easy spending the last couple of days on the couch, couped up beside the fire, watching TV and movies, eating pizzas, drinking beer and wine – and (in most cases) getting paid as well.

We heard the harrowing story of a family who had to sit in the dark for six hours. The parents kept the kids entertained with tales about the good old days and frightening ghost stories. Then uncle John changed the light bulb and all returned to normal.

Then there was the man who got caught in a snow drift. The snowflakes fell at such an angle straight into the man’s face. He claimed that he wasn’t able to see and somehow drifted into a pub. Scary stuff indeed.

We at SligoSligoNews are so very proud of you. So proud we have produced some badges for you to wear. Simply print them, cut them out, then glue or pin to jumpers, coats or jackets. Enjoy and stay proud of yourselves. You deserve it.

Cut out and proudly wear – courtesy of SligoSligoNews


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