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What F**k**g Day Is It?

By Forbes McAllister the science fella

It a phenomenal that occurs every Christmas and to a lesser extent around Easter. However there are no religious connotations as to what scientists are calling Holi-nesia.

Clever scholars from a New Zealand university have been working on this for decades and have finally come up with the answer – something that was beyond Einstein. You know how one day blurs into the next over the holiday period where you literally lose track of time? Everyday seems like Saturday or Sunday except it’s not.

Well apparently it’s to do with how days are named. Take this year for example – the 24th December (Monday) was Christmas Eve, the following day Christmas day and the day after that St. Stephens Day (if you are Irish) or Boxing Day (if British).

Then there is an actual weekend before New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. This is all combined with soccer being played at odd days beyont in England and Scotland. So it’s no surprise if a lot of people get confused? Calendars and newspapers have to be checked every day. I bet the NZ tax payers are delighted with the findings and the millions of dollars spent coming up with this answer.

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