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What You Wear Says A Lot

What to wear, what to wear. It’s a dilemma we all face. How many times has your partner posed the tricky question “does my bum look big in this?” and your answer (or non-answer) fuels a blistering row. Answer “yes” and sparks will fly. Answer “no” and it may prompt a further question “So, what does it look big in then?”


But what someone wears can tell a lot about them. What if that someone lived 5000 years ago. An iceman who was frozen in the Italian Alps has recently offered clues as to what ancient Europeans wore.  Ötzi is the natural mummy in question. Researchers can tell how he lived his life from the animal skins he wore.


Cattle, sheep and goat skins made up most of his natty attire but ever the dandy he had his tailor make clothes of brown bear furs and deer hide. Scientists used DNA to identify the species covering his body This knowledge informs us that even though farming was the dominant activity, the Iceman also hunted for food and supplies.


Scientists have investigated Ötzi since he was discovered by hikers in 1991. They know what his last meal was, who his relatives were and how he was murdered – suspicions have fallen on his wife whoever she was and a team of detectives from Rome are devoting 100s of man hours to crack the case.


For the fashionistas among us – Ötzi’s going out gear comprised of a furry bear-skin hat, straw-stuffed shoes made of goatskin,leggings, a loincloth, and a coat.

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