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What’s in a (Stormy) Name

And coming up on the stand side we have Ophelia closely followed by Brian. It’s neck and neck between these two. Just as soon as the ex-hurricane starts to run out of wind another contender steps up to bluster their way through. So it’s Ophelia by a length closely followed by Brian and coming up the rear will be Caroline.


What is it about storms and their names? Those in charge say that naming a storm means the public will take the threat seriously.  Names are chosen by the public on social media.


Storms are named over the course of a year going through the alphabet. One will have a male name and the next will be female and so on, alternating between gender names for each letter.


Once the end of the alphabet is reached it starts from A again. However storms will never have names beginning with the letters Q, U, X, Y and Z.


Staff at SligoSligoNews say that’s not fair. We also don’t know why hurricane Ophelia suddenly became an ex-hurricane? What was that all about? Lastly we believe that fans of the rapper Stormzy always get such a bad rap

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