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When Electric Picnic People Become Electric Prick-Nics

By Rick Correspondent (who didn’t get a ticket this year)

It’s the same every bloody year. When thousands of people, most of whom should know better, turn into complete arseholes for a weekend. All because they’ve paid through the nose to prance about in a couple of large fields in Laois.

The majority of the “goys”  (typical name, Fintan) sport a hipster beard, wear shorts, shades, checked lumberjack shirts and sandals. They are accompanied by their “gurls” (typical name, Sorcha) who wear shades, headscarf/bandana and colourful designer wellies by Joules. Inevitably they barge their way through punters pushing their offspring around in a double buggy. They speak with outdated “Dublin 4/Dort” accents.

In this special report for SligoSligoNews I briefly spoke to one such couple. “This year we’re glamping,” said Fintan (37) “being in a tent in the main camping area with the Plebs, is so not the done thing. Besides Sorcha couldn’t deal, you know.” Fintan works in IT in the city and Sorcha (34) does something with art and she blogs.

Fintan’s plan this year is to see some live music – “last year I spent the weekend in the Body and Soul and Mindfield areas –  I had a Jacuzzi, did some Yoga, listened to debates, talks and political discussions and I ate a vegan diet. I was off my tits on class A opinions and ideas. It was ok as Sorcha managed to record some music on the ipad.”


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