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Will Sugar Tax Sort Out Obesity Epedimic?

SligoSligoNews poses the question to the people of Sligo that nobody wants to ask. Would the imposition of a tax on sweets and soft drinks help sort out the obesity problem faced by our children?


Day after day we see them waddling around the streets. Red faced and ruddy cheeked these kids are walking time bombs for health issues that will hit in later life. Diabetes, heart disease and social embarrassment are some of the more serious issues that await. Schools uniforms are now available in XXXL sizes Some kids get seriously out of breath walking up small hills – we’ve all seen it.


Isn’t it high time we thought of the children? It’s believed in some quarters that a tax on any item that contains sugar would be one part of the solution. A revenue raising measure for the government but notetheless a deterrent for those making unhealthy purchases?


But who’s to blame? Is it the parents who shove bottles of fizzy drinks into toddlers mouths to get them to shut up? The parents (again) who buy them jumbo sized bags of sweets in order to avoid a temper tantrum. ? Is it the parents (again) who don’t buy fruit, nuts, healthy food, some good educational reading material for their offspring? Maybe it’s the kids themselves who spend all their pocket money on sugary fixes? But where do they get such generous pocket money – only from their parents.


We believe the answer is all too obvious here. We all know who the culprit is. It’s the government of course. They don’t seem to care, they just get on doing their government-y things and our children get fatter and unhealthier?


In the U.K. it’s understood that Brighton council is to introduce a sugar tax of 10p on sugary drinks to combat levels of obesity in children. The council said that 8% of 4 & 5 year olds and 14% of 10 & 11 years olds were obese.

Our expert here at SligoSligoNews – Dr. Patrick McConville (Big Pat to his friends) believes these figures have been doctored and have been rounded up.

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