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Worst Valentine Gifts For Men

Ok everyone agrees it’s mainly a day for the ladies. A time to focus on the significant love of your life – you’d be wise not to forget that. Ply her with flowers and chocolates, a delicious meal, drinks and a romantic present.

However SSN has put together a list of the rubbish presents that men have received in the past (and probably will again in the future). Some of the guys in the office regaled us with tales of such presents.

Mark – “She said it was a see-thru thong especially designed to fit any waist and dick size. They were very light and I wasn’t sure if I was wearing them correctly. She insisted I keep them on for a week. I felt naked.  I lost them in the wash.”

Jez – “She left me a note saying that when she got home from work she planned on giving me a special job. I was so excited – but it involved cleaning out the hair from the bath drain.”

Pete – “I gave her jewellry, chocolates, bottle of wine, the works and she promised she’d give me a hand with a job later on. I lay on the bed with my pants off. She meant taking the bins out together.”

Other rubbish presents included

  • Expired coupons for a gym that had closed down.
  • Being signed up for a weight loss programme.
  • Funeral arrangements – including grave plot.
  • Wireless computer mouse.
  • Packet of 10 razor blades (with one free).
  • Bin bags – 100 pack.
  • A pair of gardening gloves.

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