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Yellow Snow Warnings Clarified

Concern has been raised nationally as to the type of snow that is being forecast for the country.

Snow White

Traditionally snow, white in colour, is in fact water vapour that has been frozen into ice crystals which then falls to the ground as flakes. Snow doesn’t generally disrupt things in Ireland unless it actually lies or “sticks” on the ground.


Met Eireann has had to issue a series of statements to accompany the warnings it is providing. It seems that a number of people have been asking them to be more specific as to the colour of the snow we should expect.


When they refer to yellow snow warnings they do not means the country will be covered in a form of yellow snow. Instead they mean that conditions will be dangerous.

They also pointed out – as they are obliged to  – that if people ever encounter patches of yellow snow that on no account are they to eat it.

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